Created as a platform to mutually benefit, protect the interests and welfare of its members, as well as its other stakeholders, the guild will achieve these objectives through:

  1. Organising Targeted Projects – These project range from capacity building to empowerment sessions, forums and symposia.
  2. Empowering Industry Players – These efforts reach out to our members in the film and movie industry and those who play key roles in the global process of film and movie-making.
  3. Preparing stakeholders – We help our stakeholders keep up with the fast pace of the industry growth and changes, understand trend implications.
  4. Growth Catalysts – We serve as catalysts for the growth of the industry and to drive revenue for it as a whole.
  5. Strategic Direction and Growth Drivers – With timely interventions, policy interpretations and advocacy, we lend focus to the national influencers of the industry. This cuts across all sectors of the public and private sectors.
  6. Best-Practice Support – To help safeguard the relevance and quality in the industry, we keep our members fully caught up in international best practice in all aspects of film-making and distribution.
  7. Greater Global Awareness – We will represent the industry at foremost events, including film festivals and investment forums to help improve the awareness of the Nigerian brand of film and movie making, thus increasing attractiveness for funding.