About the Zones
  • The Guild’s Zones are primarily charged with the mandate to localize the governance while encouraging and maintaining high standards of the Practice, and ensuring member protection.
  • There are 6 Guild Zones
  • Zones are managed by appointed Coordinators and Secretaries.
  • Zones can act with a high level of autonomy, but still comply to the general membership guidelines of the National
Abuja Zone
Emma Eyaba (Coordinator)
Tola Balogun (Secretary)
Asaba Zone
China McCollins Chidebe (Coordinator)
Benin Zone
Davidson Izaegaegbe (coordinator)
Johnbull Negbenebor (Secretary)
Enugu Zone
Emma Eyaba (Coordinator)
Emma Eyaba (Coordinator)
Lagos Zone
Yinka Akanbi (coordinator)
Abbey Esho (Secretary)
Port Harcourt Zone
Dr. Ogunbiyi (Cordinator)
Fred Mayford (Secretary)