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Showing off is the Fools Idea of Glory - Bruce Lee

ABOUT DGN - Artistae Excellentus

The Directors’ Guild of Nigeria, boasts of a unique founding history, six men sat together despite extraneous circumstances in 1999 unhappy with the unprofessional treatment of Directors in the emerging Nollywood. Practices including Copy Right Infringements, poor remuneration, inadequate welfare, and poor crediting vexed these men who came to be known as The Six Angry Men, they came to a resolution, and DGN was born. DGN recognizes this date as the true founding date of the Guild. 2019 is the year of The 20th Anniversary of DGN

Who We Are
  • We are a group of stakeholders, both past and present, who have been providing direction to the movie industry, and set to create development opportunities in export, youth employment, and National growth. Read More...
More About Us
  • The Directors’ Guild of Nigeria (DGN) is a professional body for Directors involved in the creative sector (Film/Television/Stage) in Nigeria. The Directors’ Guild of Nigeria is the apex guild in the audio-visual sector of the creative industries. Read More...
Our Objectives
  • Created as a platform to mutually benefit, protect the interests and welfare of its members, as well as its other stakeholders, the guild will achieve these objectives through... More..


  • Fred Amata
    Fred Amata


    The film art of Nigeria continues to intrigue the world as serious contender in the revered world of Cinema. Once discountenanced even with debasing comments like “this is not Holly wood, Therefore Nollywood” . The ART has adorned the toga of other emerging populist art-forms like RAP Music which revolutionized music itself in the seventies.

    The world is seeking better comprehension as the art evolves and new marriages of cultures, techniques and approaches in creativity ensure that a vista of an indelible artistic statement in the world of Cinema is inevitable. And as the quest for better comprehension to foster more professional engagements intensifies, DGN as the apex body of professionals in the Sector is poised to interface with these realities providing  direction advise and solutions. For in DGN we Say ARTISTAE EXCELLENTUS  


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