Igbinedion University, DGN Collaborates On Capacity Building’


Nigeria’s premier and leading private university, Igbinedion University, Okada, Edo State have partnered with the Directors’ Guild of Nigeria (DGN) in the area of training and capacity building.

The Vice-Chancellor of the institution, Prof. Lawrence Ikechukwu Ezemonye, announced the alliance at the 50th birthday celebration in honour of an icon in the Nigerian film industry, Amb. Lancelot Oduwarene Imasuen, at the Main Library Conference Hall, Igbinedion University, Okada on June 17, 2021.

Prof. Ezemonye in his opening remark acknowledged the contributions of the movie expert and said the historic event afforded a distinctive prospect for the institution’s theatre arts students not only to tangibly interrelate with experts of creative arts but also benefit from the master class that will trail as a major outcome of the colloquium. 

“Very distinguished ladies and gentlemen, today is a unique day and this is a token of our reflection on industry-academia interface. As the pioneer private university in Nigeria established in 1999, 22 years old and still counting, this university has a firm commitment to academic excellence, scholarship and desire to equip our graduates with the tool of survival.” 

Prof. Lawrence Ikechukwu Ezomonye

The DGN President, Sir Victor Okhai, who was venerated by the university, expressed his appreciation to the Vice-Chancellor for choosing a very credible partner in Amb. Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen while presenting an award on behalf of DGN in recognition of his works, and co-founder of the Directors’ Guild of Nigeria. 

“There is no greater honour than one that comes from home. Amb. Lancelot Imasuen is a beacon of light of which we are proud. We’re happy to be associated with this university and partner with you in the Nollywood master class as you have the authentic resource to tap from. The creative head of any production in the film is the director. It is his vision and everything starts and evolves around him. Everything you see is the director’s signature, that’s why it is called the director’s film.” He informed.

President Okhai extolled the institution and said, “You have done something very special and unique, and the first to affiliate with an authentic Nollywood guild. By your partnership with DGN, you can be sure that your students will not only be receiving lectures but as a matter of duty be mentored by members of the guild. There are so many universities that have an opportunity to do what you’re doing, but they probably never saw tomorrow.“

The DGN President stressed about the guild establishing student membership to evolve students into practising directors. He emphasized that the DGN Annual Academy Conference on the marriage between town and gown would be implemented soon to afford us the opportunity to tell the genuine Nollywood story with a publication that would be widely accepted globally for the advancement of academics, and for our people to tell the authentic Nollywood story.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ezomonye, in reaction to the DGN President’s remark asserted that the University would sponsor the hosting of the maiden DGN Annual Academic Conference in furtherance of the creative aspect of the University’s goals for academic excellence.

“I will like to remind you, and let you know of our posture that this is the first private university in Nigeria, and in keeping with that first position, we have provided you an opportunity to hosting your first DGN Annual Academic Conference.” He affirmed.

DGN President, Victor Okhai, Presenting A Gift To Amb. Lancelot Imasuen
DGN President, Victor Okhai, Presenting A Gift To Amb. Lancelot Imasuen

Present at the event was Prof Mrs Deborah Omotsefe Odejimi, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Igbinedion University, Amb. Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen, Hon. Zibiri Muhizu Marvelous, Edo State Deputy Governor Representative, Prof. Barclays Ayakoroma, Prof. Irene Isoken Ogunloye, Mr Uchenna Agbo, DGN National Secretary, Perekeme Odon, DGN National PRO, Mr Famous Otakponmwem.

Others include Jeremiah Onoge, Lovebest Ogie-Moses, Nosa Rex, Diamond Okechi, Ino Moses Jonah, PRO AMP, Edo state, Iyobosa Enaibe Osifo, Ameh Imasuen, staff and students of Igbinedion University.